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This documentation is for the latest stable (0.9.3) release of Fabric. To view documentation for the in-development (1.0) version, please click here.

Previous stable versions: 0.9.0, 0.9.1, 0.9.2

Changes in version 0.9.1

The following changes were implemented in Fabric 0.9.1:

Feature additions

  • #82: append now offers a partial kwarg allowing control over whether the “don’t append if given text already exists” test looks for exact matches or not. Thanks to Jonas Nockert for the catch and discussion.
  • #112: fab --list now prints out the fabfile’s module-level docstring as a header, if there is one.
  • #141: Added some more CLI args/env vars to allow user configuration of the Paramiko connect call – specifically no_agent and no_keys.


  • #75: fab, when called with no arguments or (useful) options, now prints help, even when no fabfile can be found. Previously, calling fab in a location with no fabfile would complain about the lack of fabfile instead of displaying help.
  • #130: Context managers now correctly clean up env if they encounter an exception. Thanks to Carl Meyer for catch + patch.
  • #132: local now calls strip on its stdout, matching the behavior of run/sudo. Thanks to Carl Meyer again on this one.
  • #166: cd now correctly overwrites env.cwd when given an absolute path, instead of naively appending its argument to env.cwd‘s previous value.

Documentation updates

  • A number of small to medium documentation tweaks were made which had no specific Redmine ticket. The largest of these is the addition of the FAQ to the Sphinx documentation instead of storing it as a source-only text file. (Said FAQ was also slightly expanded with new FAQs.)
  • #17: Added note to FAQ re: use of dtach as alternative to screen. Thanks to Erich Heine for the tip.
  • #64: Updated installation docs to clarify where package maintainers should be downloading tarballs from. Thanks to James Pearson for providing the necessary perspective.
  • #95: Added a link to a given version’s changelog on the PyPI page (technically, to the long_description field).
  • #110: Alphabetized the CLI argument command reference. Thanks to Erich Heine.
  • #120: Tweaked documentation, help strings to make it more obvious that fabfiles are simply Python modules.
  • #127: Added note to install docs re: ActiveState’s PyPM. Thanks to Sridhar Ratnakumar for the tip.