Please note

This documentation is for the latest stable (0.9.3) release of Fabric. To view documentation for the in-development (1.0) version, please click here.

Previous stable versions: 0.9.0, 0.9.1, 0.9.2

Changes in version 0.9.3

The following changes were implemented in Fabric 0.9.3:

Feature additions

  • #255: Added stderr and succeeded attributes to local.
  • #254: Backported the .stderr and .succeeded attributes on run/sudo return values, from the Git master/pre-1.0 branch. Please see those functions’ API docs for details.


  • #228: We discovered that the pip + PyCrypto installation problem was limited to Python 2.5 only, and have updated our accordingly.
  • #230: Arbitrary or remainder commands (fab <opts> -- <run command here>) will no longer blow up when invoked with no fabfile present. Thanks to IRC user orkaa for the report.
  • #242: Empty string values in task CLI args now parse correctly. Thanks to Aaron Levy for the catch + patch.

Documentation updates

  • #239: Fixed typo in execution usage docs. Thanks to Pradeep Gowda and Turicas for the catch.