Documentation helpers, hide_nontasks=False)

Replace task objects on module with their wrapped functions instead.

Specifically, look for instances of WrappedCallableTask and replace them with their .wrapped attribute (the original decorated function.)

This is intended for use with the Sphinx autodoc tool, to be run near the bottom of a project’s It ensures that the autodoc extension will have full access to the “real” function, in terms of function signature and so forth. Without use of unwrap_tasks, autodoc is unable to access the function signature (though it is able to see e.g. __doc__.)

For example, at the bottom of your

from import unwrap_tasks
import my_package.my_fabfile

You can go above and beyond, and explicitly hide all non-task functions, by saying hide_nontasks=True. This renames all objects failing the “is it a task?” check so they appear to be private, which will then cause autodoc to skip over them.

hide_nontasks is thus useful when you have a fabfile mixing in subroutines with real tasks and want to document just the real tasks.

If you run this within an actual Fabric-code-using session (instead of within a Sphinx, please seek immediate medical attention.