Changes in version 1.0.1


This release also includes all applicable changes from the 0.9.5 release.


  • #301: Fixed a bug in local‘s behavior when capture=False and output.stdout (or .stderr) was also False. Thanks to Chris Rose for the catch.
  • #310: Update edge case in put where using the mode kwarg alongside use_sudo=True runs a hidden sudo command. The mode kwarg needs to be octal but was being interpolated in the sudo call as a string/integer. Thanks to Adam Ernst for the catch and suggested fix.
  • #311: append was supposed to have its partial kwarg’s default flipped from True to False. However, only the documentation was altered. This has been fixed. Thanks to Adam Ernst for bringing it to our attention.
  • #312: Tweak internal I/O related loops to prevent high CPU usage and poor screen-printing behavior on some systems. Thanks to Kirill Pinchuk for the initial patch.
  • #320: Some users reported problems with dropped input, particularly while entering sudo passwords. This was fixed via the same change as for #312.


  • Added a missing entry for env.path in the usage documentation.

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