Changes in version 0.9.5

The following changes were implemented in Fabric 0.9.5:

Feature additions

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  • #37: Internal refactoring of a Paramiko call from _transport to get_transport().
  • #258: Modify subprocess call on Windows platforms to avoid space/quote problems in local. Thanks to Henrik Heimbuerger and Raymond Cote for catch + suggested fixes.
  • #261: Fix bug in comment which truncated regexen ending with $. Thanks to Antti Kaihola for the catch.
  • #264: Fix edge case in reboot by gracefully clearing connection cache. Thanks to Jason Gerry for the report & troubleshooting.
  • #268: Allow for @ symbols in usernames, which is valid on some systems. Fabric’s host-string parser now splits username and hostname at the last @ found instead of the first. Thanks to Thadeus Burgess for the report.
  • #287: Fix bug in password prompt causing occasional tracebacks. Thanks to Antti Kaihola for the catch and Rick Harding for testing the proposed solution.
  • #288: Use temporary files to work around the lack of a -i flag in OpenBSD and NetBSD sed. Thanks to Morgan Lefieux for catch + patches.
  • #305: Strip whitespace from hostnames to help prevent user error. Thanks to Michael Bravo for the report and Rick Harding for the patch.
  • #316: Use of settings with key names not previously set in env no longer raises KeyErrors. Whoops. Thanks to Adam Ernst for the catch.

Documentation updates

  • #228: Added description of the PyCrypto + pip + Python 2.5 problem to the documentation and removed the Python 2.5 check from
  • #291: Updated the PyPM-related install docs re: recent changes in PyPM and its download URLs. Thanks to Sridhar Ratnakumar for the patch.

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